ICQ Chat Session
Participants: &AUGChat ,Tarantulas ,PrismaNova ,Shadow Panther ,alleycat ,Herr Doktor ,Evian ,BlackZarak ,Sionyx ,Skycat ,Allkaiser ,Mad Zab Xaos!!!
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Created On: Sunday, April 01, 2001

<Evian> heya AUGchat 
<Shadow Panther> *goes into jacket pocket and withdraws 25-foot long bill* 
<PrismaNova> If i dont like it...just go away!
<Sionyx> *wonders who's chatting as AUGchat*
<PrismaNova> Oh, not the server is back....
<Shadow Panther> No one, that's just the ICQ server. 
<Sionyx> Yeah, but it was talking last time.
<&AUGChat> Don't talk about me that way :( 
<PrismaNova> about what?
<Sionyx> See? SEE?!
<Tarantulas> What the...?\ 
<Tarantulas> http://www.posse.net/temp/iMac_Lady.jpg 
<Shadow Panther> Yeah, but that's just Tarry running back and forth between the two systems. 
<PrismaNova> will you just stop it?
<&AUGChat> How do you know that? 
<Shadow Panther> LoI prefer to assume. 
<PrismaNova> everybody knows this...
<Shadow Panther> Yeah, but one never knows for certain. 
<PrismaNova> ... and your days are counted, Spider... >)
<Tarantulas> Hey, what the...BANNED? 
<Tarantulas> I AM BANNED FROM AUG????!!!!! 
<Sionyx> ?!??
<Sionyx> What'd you post?
<PrismaNova> wooohooo!
<Evian> that porn stuff.... 
<PrismaNova> >)
<Tarantulas> its about time!I posted a tasteful little picture, and for this they BAN me??? 
<Evian> Star agrees! 
<PrismaNova> Now everybody will know how a phoney you really are!
<Evian> *Icy passes out pitchforks and torches* 
<Tarantulas> Phoney? Hey, I'm a volunteer here 
<PrismaNova> Tasty? You even post it in the Hive and assumed it was me!
<Tarantulas> http://forums.axalonunderground.com/ubb/Forum8/HTML/002211.html - for Sky 
<Sionyx> Tarry just found out that he's banned at AUG...
<PrismaNova> and all those little remarks about my body...!
<Tarantulas> I wasn't impersonating anyone in The Hive 
<alleycat> Prisma, I know it's short notice but we're adding you to Sheol as moderator until we find someone more suitable 
<Tarantulas> Oh, I see what you meant 
<Tarantulas> Hey!! 
<Tarantulas> That's MY job!!! 
<PrismaNova> I accept! >)
<Tarantulas> You can't do that 
<PrismaNova> Not anymore!
<PrismaNova> Yes I can
<PrismaNova> I have more morals than you will ever have, 
<Tarantulas> Morals? As far as you're concerned, morels is a type of mushroom 
<PrismaNova> >(
<Sionyx> Who are you talking to?
<PrismaNova> Must you always insinuate things about me?
<Evian> Yes! The angry mob worked....good thing he didn't find the boiling oiul...... 
<PrismaNova> Oh, and all that s**t you wrote to the Doc when I got married....
<PrismaNova> you know it upseted him...
<Shadow Panther> Um, Pris, Tarry's gone. 
<PrismaNova> he is still here!
<Sionyx> Is ICQ being funny again?
<Shadow Panther> What? 
<PrismaNova> and I am not finish!!!!
<Evian> finish? 
<PrismaNova> no
<Evian> ya mean finish-ed?? 
<PrismaNova> ....
<PrismaNova> no fishing...
<BlackZarak> WTF is this? The Allspark? 
<Sionyx> Who the heck am I not seeing?!
<Tarantulas> So no one's going to welcome me back? 
<PrismaNova> This Spider has made avances to pratically all that is female in AUG
<Evian> Yeah! I love those new Animorphs! 
<PrismaNova> No!
<Evian> Allspunk all thew way! 
<BlackZarak> Y'know Tarry, this flaunting of Authority is going to stop NOW 
<Tarantulas> Bleah 
<PrismaNova> ... and I dont think we should accept you EVER!!!
<BlackZarak> Unholy & TH weren't as much Trouble as you've been 
<Sionyx> Who is in here? You're not making any sence!
<Tarantulas> BZ, maybe you better try to come over and STOP me 
<Evian> *Hands BZ a pitchfork too* 
<BlackZarak> Oooooooooo. Gonna shoot me with your Big Gun? 
<PrismaNova> ... I think I should just email your wife on all those little things you said to me while chatting...
<BlackZarak> Maybe TB & I should pay you a visit, Texas-style 
<Evian> I DON'T wanna see that now.... 
<Tarantulas> I'll just put some small holes in you. 9mm in diameter 
<Tarantulas> But Prisma, you told me you liked to hear me talk that way 
<Sionyx> Isn't TB on a break?
<PrismaNova> What?
<BlackZarak> Oh, TB will come out of retirement to back me up. 
<Tarantulas> You heard me 
<BlackZarak> Better yet, why don't we settle this at BC? >) 
<Allkaiser> ooooh... what I'd pay to see that... 
<Tarantulas> Oh yeah, I'm sure YOU will be a lot of trouble... 
<PrismaNova> Why do you spread rumors about me int that way... is it because yo cannot bear rejection from me?
<BlackZarak> Maybe I should call the Zaraks out of retirement for this one? >D 
<PrismaNova> Oooh, you betcha...
<Tarantulas> Hey honey, they weren't rumors 
<PrismaNova> I will call all my netjers to back you up , BZ
<Tarantulas> What the heck is a netjer? Would you speak English already? 
<PrismaNova> And how should you know... you never even met me!!!!
<PrismaNova> ... and then you assume... all the time!
<PrismaNova> Oh, that is very, very low....
<Tarantulas> I know exactly where you live, so I can meet you any time I want 
<BlackZarak> Just try it. Texas love when the victims stumble onto their property 
<Tarantulas> I was talking to Prisma Nova 
<PrismaNova> Yeah, go right ahead... from Arizona to Montreal!
<BlackZarak> BTW: I want this Chat taken off of your Computer. I own AUG and you're not to use the name ever again 
<Sionyx> >(....
<Tarantulas> I can say whatever I want. It's a free country. 
<Sionyx> ...i think that this is going too far....
<PrismaNova> I will be waiting for you ... 
<BlackZarak> Oh, so you're threatening women, too? 
<PrismaNova> You call that talking...
<Tarantulas> With what? You guys can't carry guns. 
<Sionyx> ?!
<BlackZarak> We'll see what my Lawyers say about that 
<Sionyx> WHAT?
<PrismaNova> eh, and then you boast on how to talk to ladies... 
<Tarantulas> Oh believe me, I know how to talk to a real woman... 
<Sionyx> Who the heck is here? All I'm seeing is BZ talking to himself.
<PrismaNova> ehm maybe we should just sue him...
<Tarantulas> Hey Icey, help me out here, will you? 
<BlackZarak> Walk out and back in Si 
<Evian> eh? 
<Tarantulas> Si? 
<Tarantulas> No see any Si. 
<PrismaNova> I wonder if cyberangels will be happy to see what kind of site you have in your comp...
<PrismaNova> ... and your wife too...
<Evian> Oh man..... 
<BlackZarak> Oh yeah Tarry knows how to talk to a woman, but the old man 'll need Viagara for anything else 
<Tarantulas> She knows what's in there. There isn't anything in there I wouldn't show to a kid. 
<PrismaNova> What? Icefang, I hope you will not help him...
<Evian> Help who? That dirty old man? 
<PrismaNova> ... not after he did what he did..
<PrismaNova> and star will back me up on this one...
<PrismaNova> Tarantulas...
<PrismaNova> that dirty old man...
<Tarantulas> Star asked me to do that 
<Evian> it makes me ill 
<Evian> she said she WILL back you Pris 
<PrismaNova> No she did not!
<PrismaNova> How dare you drag star into this...
<PrismaNova> I know she will
<Evian> this discussion is making me feel very sick 
<Tarantulas> It was a private thing betweeen me and her 
<PrismaNova> See what I mean?
<PrismaNova> He is after star too1
<PrismaNova> !
<Evian> He can't have her 
<PrismaNova> he is even worse than Eeeire Von
<Tarantulas> She came into a chat with me one evening, and...things just happened. I didn't have any control over it. 
<PrismaNova> See, he "pretends" again....
<Evian> she says...."What???!!" 
<PrismaNova> he pretends that any female is after him... when in fact, he stalks us
<PrismaNova> he boasted to me one time that he had like 10 women tlaking dirty to him...
<Tarantulas> I don't stalk anyone. They all come to me. 
<PrismaNova> Seee!!!!
<Sionyx> Okay...now what the heck have I missed, or are we all done argueing for the night?
<PrismaNova> No finished!!!!!
<PrismaNova> >)
<Tarantulas> No, everyone is on my case...help me please! 
<Evian> he IS like Eerie Von 
<Tarantulas> I didn't do anything wrong 
<Tarantulas> I just posted a nice pic on Sheol 
<Sionyx> *takes a deep breath and braces herself*
<PrismaNova> Oh, please, and Eeerie Von is a choir boy...
<Allkaiser> I never saw the picture, but I don't blame them for the way you acted 
<Allkaiser> sorry, you're not getting any defence from me... 
<Tarantulas> Hey! 
<Tarantulas> No one is on my side??? 
<Sionyx> Tarry, I don't think that you did anything wrong by posting that pic.
<PrismaNova> Waht????
<Tarantulas> Here ya go, dinobot - http://www.posse.net/temp/iMac_Lady.jpg 
<Tarantulas> Thank you Sionyx :) 
<PrismaNova> have you seen that pic Si?
<Tarantulas> Just click on the link - a nice pic with no nudity 
<PrismaNova> ... and you did not read his coments either...
<Allkaiser> *blinks* 
<PrismaNova> Hmmm... maybe we should also ban Si...
<PrismaNova> No nudity?
<Evian> scnatily clad and with a twinkle in her eye.... 
<Sionyx> Thanks DinobotYou're welcome. I do think that you took the "I am mod, you can't close me," thing too far, though.
<BlackZarak> Nor the lewd and degrading remarks towards the femmes he's posted in the Hive 
<Sionyx> From then on, everyone overreacted.
<Evian> Yeah, Star was offended when we read that 
<Sionyx> I haven't seen anything in the Hive, as I'm not a mod.
<Tarantulas> Wait - what was offensive in The Hive? I didn't think it was THAT bad. 
<Evian> I had to talk her down a bit, she was pissed off! 
<PrismaNova> Waht?
<BlackZarak> Well, Mr 8-Eyes doesn't think that he should have to listen to alleycat, because she's a she 
<Sionyx> I must have missed him saying that.
<Tarantulas> That's not what I said 
<Allkaiser> I personally wouldn't post ed that picture, but the bad thing was all the arguing with alley 
<PrismaNova> I talked with the girls tonight.. and we just could not believe it!!!
<Tarantulas> I said I deserved more respect 
<Sionyx> What I saw from Tarry's posts to alley in the closed thread, he was trying to make peace.
<PrismaNova> Respect? From someone who doesnt respect women?
<Evian> well she IS an administrator and alot that is done to the whole of the AUG is thanks to her 
<Tarantulas> Oh, I respect them all right!!! 
<BlackZarak> You've been ignoring her requests from Day One, and you've even told me that you don't mind taking orders from a man 
<PrismaNova> Your "RESPECT" is more a mask than a real thing...
<Tarantulas> I respected alley but she showed me absolutely no respect in turn 
<BlackZarak> You never gave her a chance 
<Tarantulas> I tried to talk to her on ICQ and she refused my connect requests 
<BlackZarak> She asked you to do Ep Transcripts and you blew her off. I asked you and you did 'em right away 
<Tarantulas> But you asked me nicely. She ORDERED me to do it! 
<BlackZarak> Oh, do you consider calling her "toots" and "broad" in the Hive "respectful"? 
<Tarantulas> Those were terms of endearment 
<Sionyx> Because you were a jerk!I think that this whole thing's due to one massive miscommunication...
<PrismaNova> endearment????
<BlackZarak> No, Si, this has been a long time coming 
<Allkaiser> I think something is definately wrong with Tarantulas... he was just acting weird on that thread, and now 
<Sionyx> Did alley ever ask Tarry not to call her that?
<BlackZarak> repeatedly 
<Tarantulas> Not that I heard 
<Tarantulas> See, miscommunication again 
<Tarantulas> No my fault 
<Tarantulas> * Not 
<BlackZarak> No, you were right the first time 
<Tarantulas> Oh you're pretty funny tonight, huh? 
<PrismaNova> ...
<PrismaNova> this is getting anoying..
<PrismaNova> why do we still talk with this jerk
<Tarantulas> Hey, nobody said you had to be here. 
<BlackZarak> It doesn't matter anymore Tarry. You're banned from AUG, and I've seen to it that ICOM, the Allspark & Iacon Harbor will follow suit 
<PrismaNova> ... nobody invited you here...
<Sionyx> Black Zarak, that is just PETTY.
<Tarantulas> Somebody did or I wouldn't have been able to come in 
<Tarantulas> You're trying to blackball me from everywhere I ever posted? 
<PrismaNova> Ok, who is the traitor here?
<Tarantulas> Not me 
<PrismaNova> ......
<BlackZarak> No, not petty. My friends look out for me 
<Tarantulas> It's not fair. Nobody at those other boards has any problems with me. 
<PrismaNova> oh, reallyl?
<Sionyx> What's to look out for? You've stripped Tarry of his mod powers (which I, frankly, won't contest), you've banned him from your fourms, you want his ICQ chat room removed, WHAT THE HECK CAN HE DO TO YOU ON THOSE OTHER BOARDS?
<BlackZarak> He can try to gather trolls to spam us 
<BlackZarak> as he's already threatened 
<PrismaNova> eh, ask Pess or Proudwolf...
<Sionyx> Then wait for him to DO it, then get him banned.
<Tarantulas> What makes you think I know any trolls? 
<PrismaNova> ...
<BlackZarak> The threats been made. that's enough in our books. If he keeps jacking with us, I'll see him drummed completely out of Transfandom. It'd just take a few emails to 3H, Raksha, Yee & Renaud to do that 
<Allkaiser> O.O 
<Sionyx> Now who's abusing their power?
<Tarantulas> Not me, I don't have any powers left :( 
<PrismaNova> Good idea, BZ!
<BlackZarak> Hey, it's up to them to decide if it's worth shunning him. I can only siggest 
<BlackZarak> and suggest I shall if he keeps this up 
<Tarantulas> Renaud? *GASP* No, not Renaud, please!!! ROFL 
<Evian> get rid of him 
<Sionyx> Tarry, you're not helping your cause.
<PrismaNova> .. and he laughs at us...
<Tarantulas> Oh, sorry, I guess you're right 
<Tarantulas> I was laughing at Renaud 
<Tarantulas> I don't really hang around on Bottalk all that much 
<PrismaNova> salaud!!!`
<BlackZarak> whatever 
<Tarantulas> I'll take ranch dressing on my salaud 
<Tarantulas> Please 
<Evian> you're such a friggin backpeddler 
<PrismaNova> ... and making fun of me?
<Tarantulas> Not you specifically 
<Evian> whatever 
<PrismaNova> ...
<Evian> man, I used to really like you Tarry! What a friggin jerk 
<PrismaNova> I really like him too.
<Tarantulas> But I didn't DO anything!!! 
<PrismaNova> Sky... I think that you should stay away from him...
<PrismaNova> it is for your own good.
<Allkaiser> you kinda posted an (arguably) bad picture, but mainly you posted it OVER and OVER.... 
<Sionyx> Other than bad judgement, I must agree.
<Tarantulas> Hey, you leave my friends out of this! 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> What's up ev? 
<PrismaNova> ehehehe, Zab will help us...
<Tarantulas> Zab will help ME 
<Allkaiser> I'm in full support of Alley, I'm just sad it had to happen to one of my favorite AUG posters 
<Sionyx> Mass arguement. Remember that debate that I told you about earlier. Still going.
<Tarantulas> Thanks 
<Evian> *hands Zab a pitchfork and torch* 
<Tarantulas> * puts on pitchfork-proof armor * 
<Allkaiser> ooo, ooo, can I have one? 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> i'd rather not find myself in the middle of this.... 
<PrismaNova> Zab, Tarry is not what he seems...
<Evian> yes! plenty for all 
<PrismaNova> he is a complete jerk!
<PrismaNova> he is beeing banned... and for good reason!
<PrismaNova> We will not tolerate this kind of behavior...!
<Evian> He's being an @ss 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> understood 
<Sionyx> This whole thing is out of hand.
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> T, show me the url of the pic in question 
<Tarantulas> It was a harmless picture 
<Tarantulas> http://www.posse.net/temp/iMac_Lady.jpg 
<PrismaNova> yeah, plus the comments...
<PrismaNova> but you did not see what he posted in the Hive
<Tarantulas> That was harmless too 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> no, i have no access to the Hive 
<BlackZarak> and all of his lewd remarks towards the femmes 
<Sionyx> I'm missing people again...
<Tarantulas> Si, you don't see Zab? 
<PrismaNova> about us girls... and about me!
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> okay, as for the pic, it's a grey area to me. i acn see where both sides are coming from 
<Sionyx> I see Zab. But who asked him about the Hive?
<Sionyx> Yep, that's my take on the pic, too.
<BlackZarak> Prisma asked about the Hive 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> but i hget the feeling there's more to this than the hentai iMac chick 
<Evian> well if he left it at that...then okay, but he just HAD to push 
<PrismaNova> Of course there is!
<Sionyx> I don't see Pris...
<BlackZarak> alley edited the thread and he defied her authority, changed it back and mocked her 
<Tarantulas> She dissed me big-time! 
<Sionyx> As I see it, the worst Tarry's guilty of is bad judgement en extremis. 
<PrismaNova> Well, because you where being such an @$$!
<Sionyx> That she did.
<Evian> he deserved it 
<PrismaNova> ... and being so vulgar to her.
<Tarantulas> I didn't think so 
<BlackZarak> Then he left a rant in the hive making Lewd remarks about women in power . alley locked the thread and he unlocked it, defying her again 
<Tarantulas> They were only as lewd as the Sheol picture. Very mild... 
<Sionyx> This is tempers flaring, people. 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> hmmm, as mods, it'd have been better that you contacted alley and tried to parley 
<Evian> welp, it is good to see this all come out now rather than later. 
<PrismaNova> Yeah, but he unlocked it again, and again...
<PrismaNova> Mild?
<Tarantulas> I tried to but she refused my connection requests on ICQ 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> hmmmm 
<PrismaNova> How about those remarks about our the bodies of the females mods?
<BlackZarak> well I wouldn't want to talk to you either if you called me a "powertripping b*tch with penis-envy* >( 
<PrismaNova> .... I thought you were my friend...
<PrismaNova> yeah
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> T, did you call alley that? 
<Tarantulas> But I meant it in such a nice way...I don't think those were the EXACT words 
<PrismaNova> A nice way! You jerk!
<BlackZarak> That was a quote from the Hive 
<PrismaNova> Just because some of us say now to you...
<Allkaiser> how could you mean that in a nice way? 
<PrismaNova> grrr...
<Tarantulas> I think you changed it a little 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> T, you realize i'm as good a friend with alley as i am with everyone else here right? 
<Evian> this is why Star was so pissed and it took me the good part of an hour to talk her down...thanks! 
<Tarantulas> I know you have a lot of friends around, yes 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> well, then i think you can understand why i have some gripe with this 
<Tarantulas> But you didn't read what she said to ME in The Hive 
<PrismaNova> It is because of mine like you Tarry, that we women do not trust you... you have not respect for us! eh, Cyberangels, supercop.... ! My @$$$!
<PrismaNova> Of course I did!
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> make no mistake, i'm not completely happy that anyone dragged me in here 
<PrismaNova> We girls talked about it in private...
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> and i will be gone from here within 10 inutes, as i need my sleep 
<PrismaNova> ... and now we now all your little dirty tricks...
<Tarantulas> Zab, don't decide my fate yet - you don't have all the facts 
<BlackZarak> she said nothing that wasn't true, and she didn't get nasty until you did first 
<PrismaNova> the facts are all here!
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> my motor 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> hell 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> T, i have no say over your fate 
<Sionyx> T? remarks about the bodies of femme mods? I read what she said to you in Sheol - after the olive branch had been extended.
<Tarantulas> YEAH!! Not too nice, eh? 
<Sionyx> That was just shy of rude.
<BlackZarak> Si, how many times does a person have to call a woman a "b*tch" before she's had enough? 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> my advice people? all of you take a nap and then go at this with clearer heads 
<Sionyx> That's what I've been trying to tell them, Zab.
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> because i know i'm shot 
<Evian> Um, this has been an ongoing issue for most of the day, he's being an Ass and he doesn't seem to care! 
<Tarantulas> I care. I really do. 
<Sionyx> I haven't seen any of these posts, BZ.
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> T, can you apologize? 
<Tarantulas> I will if I can get an apology from the other side in return. 
<BlackZarak> Just for the day? She's been ignoring alley since day one, and she's the one that got him his job with the Survivor game 
<Evian> hell no he can't! 
<Tarantulas> I think there are two sides to the story here 
<PrismaNova> he has been this way like the whole week
<Evian> what a jerk. He's losing friends left and right here 
<BlackZarak> I know you haven't Si, but we're not liars. Trust me & Prisma & alley & Icy when we tell you they occurred 
<Tarantulas> Well I have been having problems at home, too. 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> BZ, can i have access to the Hive? 
<PrismaNova> and just now discovering the real @$$ he turned out to be.
<PrismaNova> Well, I wonder WHY!!!
<PrismaNova> You spend too much time smooching the girls online...!
<Tarantulas> That's not fair of you, Prisma. You don't know what I'm going through. 
<Evian> Star is pissed off too as she is next to me 
<BlackZarak> I'd rather not Zab, no offense, but I'll email you cut/pastes of those threads 
<Tarantulas> If I behave badly, it may not be all my fault. There are other factors at work here. 
<Evian> oh BS!! 
<BlackZarak> Liek Viagara 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> people, i'm really going to have to take a dive here 
<Sionyx> Tarry pushed too far, alley overreacted due to prior bad feelings. Both are at least partly to blame. I don't think that Tarry's earned a ban. Strip him of his mod power if you feel you must, but don't ban him.
<Tarantulas> NO! Don't listen to him, Zab - he will make up anything to make his point. 
<PrismaNova> Fair? what is fair in a man that doesnt even give a chance to his wife!
<Evian> that's a load of crap 
<PrismaNova> ... and looks for other women on the net!
<Evian> I knew there was something I didn't like about you! 
<PrismaNova> he did offer me to... you know, online...
<Evian> Star said she always distrusted you to a point and couldn't believe you became a mod 
<Tarantulas> No...I don't look for other women...they find me. Like you did, always calling me and chatting with me. 
<PrismaNova> What?
<Evian> Beep! Beep!asdfahkl; 
<PrismaNova> I was just being nice to everybody... like usual
<Tarantulas> But you were especially nice to me 
<Evian> qweertyuiop 
<PrismaNova> What is wrong, Kitty?
<Tarantulas> But not now... 
<PrismaNova> Me?
<Tarantulas> YOU 
<Sionyx> Why do I think that there's a keyboard struggle in Florida?
<Evian> zxcvbnm,./ 
<PrismaNova> .....
<Tarantulas> Hee hee 
<PrismaNova> Must you drag this in this chatroom?
<Tarantulas> StarFang logs on... 
<Evian> no.......I'm just trying to not type my REAL feelings here..... 
<Tarantulas> You brought it up 
<PrismaNova> I think I was honest to you
<PrismaNova> You were not
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> is anyone 
<Tarantulas> As I was honest to you 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> f**kin icq... 
<PrismaNova> I had too...
<Evian> you lying sack of......#%@%@%@#%$!#%@%@%!! 
<Tarantulas> You said I was looking for girls on the Net 
<PrismaNova> but you just had to tell the details
<PrismaNova> You were!
<Sionyx> Need a reinvite, Zab?
<Tarantulas> Details? 
<PrismaNova> ....
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> no, icq is just f**king me around slghtly 
<Tarantulas> Kinda like I'm getting screwed around tonight...by almost EVERYONE 
<Tarantulas> And it's not FAIR!!! 
<Tarantulas> * cries * 
<PrismaNova> You know, I just had about enough about all this BS
<Evian> oh cry to that brick wall.... 
<PrismaNova> I am going to bed... i am tired...
<Sionyx> it isn't really...
<PrismaNova> and Tarry, dont even try to send me messages
<Tarantulas> Well good night. Even after all the bad things you said to me, I can still forgive you. 
<Tarantulas> But will you still call me up? :) 
<PrismaNova> I aldreay erased you from my icq contact list
<Allkaiser> I was thinking of leaving soon also... it's 11:30 because of daylight savings time 
<Evian> oh forgive my @ss 
<Tarantulas> She erased me? * cries more * 
<Evian> if I could....I'd slap you acorss all eight eyes you stupid piece of crap 
<Sionyx> Icy...calm down.
<Tarantulas> But...but...did you see what they wrote about me in The Hive? 
<Tarantulas> Go there and look. See how I am treated. Then come back and tell me it's fair. 
<Evian> I SAW ALL OF IT! 
<Evian> SO DID SHE!! 
<Evian> You lousy son of a .....I even saw that crap you tried to pawn off in ICOM 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> wait, wait was said at ICOM? 
<Allkaiser> well, much as I'd love to stay and listen to this stimulating conversation... 
<Allkaiser> I'm off to bed 
<Tarantulas> Good night 
<Evian> cya 
<Tarantulas> I posted a thread at ICOM complaining about the mooks at AUG and how they banned me. 
<Allkaiser> still can't believe this is all happening... just seems so... weird. 
<Sionyx> seeya.
<Evian> it's all been a thing I've expected...but never wanted to actually go out and say 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> sorry T, i gotta pull this off ICOM, i don't need this spilling onto my doorstep 
<Tarantulas> You're going to delete it? 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> T, i can't have this continue at ICOM 
<Evian> that's good.....get rid of that swill 
<Tarantulas> I thought that's where all the mooks went to complain about stuff 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> tho Icy, i'm not fond of the cesspool analogy 
<Sionyx> Icefang - calm DOWN.
<Evian> eh, it is....that's why we post our stuff there. It was meant in a good way ya mook! 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> well, i'm just not in a humorous mood 
<Tarantulas> I don't think it's very funny either - that's why I posted in ICOM 
<Evian> m,aybe not 
<Sionyx> And you, Icy, immadiatly responded to Tarantulas's post in a VERY negative manner.
<Evian> get some sleep mook, we'll take care of this trash 
<Evian> well yes 
<Sionyx> Isn't that just as bad?
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> suffice to say T, i'm sorry, but i'd rather keep ICOm being carfree 
<Evian> sorry, I'm upset right now 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> because right now i'm torn, and you all know how much i hate arbitrarily taking sides 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> and ICOm is where i get away from crap 
<Evian> okay enuf said mook. Let's keep it away from there...I just couldn't stand to see his post as being so innocent 
<Sionyx> And that's why I keep telling you that you should calm down. Having this conversation now is just a bad idea. If Tarry has said all that you say he has, yes, I'm offended. Yes, I think that he made a mistake unlocking his thread. But I think that everyone is taking this too far in the ban category.
<Evian> well if it upset Star this much, then I'm gonna back her 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> My girlefriend hangs at ICOm now and she may go to Botcon. the last thing i want her to see is a bunch of people who she may meet soon having a big fight 
<Evian> good point! 
<Evian> cool, I can't wait to meet her mook! 
<Tarantulas> BZ even threatened to fight me at BotCon. Not very nice as far as I'm concerned. 
<Tarantulas> Yeah, I'd like to meet your GF too, Zab.\ 
<Evian> hell, he'd get TB to shoot you before he'd fighjt you 
<Tarantulas> But not for the reason all these mooks keep saying. 
<Evian> There'll REAL Texans 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> ahh, we aren't having that. i'd rather have all fists pointed at EerieVon 
<Tarantulas> Real Texans - all hats and boots... 
<Tarantulas> Hey I would like a go at Eerie also 
<Sionyx> I think that we all would.
<Tarantulas> I'll hold him while you do the stumble-punch 
<Evian> that's TB actually...he was wearing them last year 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> but T, you may be set in yer ways, but you owe females more respect than that 
<Evian> WTF??? Did you do tht to the main page you vindictive SOB?!! 
<Tarantulas> They are making some of that up. That's not really what I said. I LOVE women 
<Evian> www.axalonunderground.com 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> granted, in a perfect world, everyone would undertsand where everyone else is coming from, but that just ain't gonna haoppen 
<Tarantulas> That's just a little sample of my HTML skills, hee hee 
<Sionyx> What the HECK?
<BlackZarak> WTF?!!! 
<BlackZarak> You bastard 
<Tarantulas> Mess with the best and die like the rest, you know 
<Sionyx> ....Tarry...you ARE NOT helping your cause AT ALL.
<Evian> hell, I can understand where everyone including alley is coming from..all but Tarry 
<BlackZarak> I'll have the FEDS on your @$$ for this! 
<Tarantulas> I have your password right here... 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> Okay T now that's just petty 
<Tarantulas> Si, they deserved it 
<Sionyx> But you didn't have to do it.
<Tarantulas> I'll put it back in a day or so 
<Evian> Dude, that was the last straw....time to get the old hacker frioends in my pocket 
<Tarantulas> I just love that "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" - couldn't resist... 
<Evian> You don't mess with our home 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> T, don't be f**king petty 
<Tarantulas> No, that's not petty, just humorous 
<Sionyx> Tarantulas, if you want back into the AUG and if you want to NOT be blackballed in the Transfan community, I would STRONGLY suggest that you put it back NOW.
<Evian> too late in my opinion!!!! 
<Evian> your name is MUD from here on out. Time to get on the horn 
<Tarantulas> I...can't right now. I kinda lost the files. But I'm trying to recover them. It shouldn't take too long if the program works right. 
<BlackZarak> See what we're dealing with Si? 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> yeah, it is petty. that's like smashing someone's glasses in their locker back in high school 
<Evian> you'll have to kiss Renaud's @ss to be liked at all! 
<Evian> brb 
<Tarantulas> It doesn't really hurt anything, Zab, it's just kinda funny 
<Tarantulas> Hey, what the...??? 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> T, i've seen the effort that goes into making AuG what it i 
<BlackZarak> Something the matter, Tarry? 
<Tarantulas> I just got an email from Evan Johns about me. It's copied to a WHOLE BUNCH of people 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> that's somebody's work 
<Tarantulas> Renaud, Proudwolf, BumblebeeZ3, all really nasty stuff about me that isn't all true 
<Tarantulas> Well some of it is true but I never was arrested for prostitution 
<Sionyx> Tarantulas...you had two mitigating presences in the room, Icefang was calming down, things might have worked out - WHY hack into the Underground?
<Tarantulas> I did that earlier - it's just that no one really goes to that page very much. I just thought it would be funny, you know. Never meant any real harm by it. 
<Tarantulas> And if I thought that it would hurt anyone, well then I &$)(*&(°µ!É 
<Tarantulas> What the...? 
<Evian> well my emails are all out! 
<Tarantulas> Wait...Evian, Evan...are YOU Evan Johns??? 
<Sionyx> Yes, he is.
<Tarantulas> -°2D_
<Tarantulas> LOL :-)
<Tarantulas> °˛µ2+_
<Tarantulas> Beep! Beep!
<Tarantulas> _+µ 
<Tarantulas> My computer is going bananasµ 
<Tarantulas> The firewall is°•·__nµ 
<Sionyx> *sighs*
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> O.o? 
<Sionyx> This whole thing is out of hand. Zab, check the AUG forums.
<Tarantulas> Ah, okay, Zonealarm is in max security mode now. Someone is trying to hack into my computer. 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> got a link for me? i used to go in through the front page 
<Evian> just some buddies I know from online 
<Sionyx> http://forums.axalonunderground.com/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi
<Sionyx> ICEFANG!
<Evian> Evian laughs hysterically, pounding fists and feet on the ground
<Sionyx> THAT was UNCALLED for. 
<Tarantulas> That is not cool 
<Tarantulas> They are closing Sheol? See, I don't agree with that either 
<Tarantulas> But if that's what they want... 
<Sionyx> And they're going to blame you. 
<Tarantulas> But alleycat is the one who wrote it. And she misspelled "rejuvenate." 
<Sionyx> When they get e-mails protesting the change, they will blame you. Watch.
<Evian> oh pick, pick, pick! She was so probably so pissed off at YOU!! 
<Sionyx> Closing Sheol is a huge mistake. 
<Tarantulas> I agree 
<Sionyx> You people may run the AUG, but it's nothing without people. Off topic will migrate to The Hub - will you close that, too?
<Evian> yeah you would 
<Evian> well, it's not in my hands 
<Evian> whatever 
<Tarantulas> You're an Admin - if you really wanted to you could fix it with them 
<Sionyx> And with the Hub closed, Off Topic would migrate to the most active board, preceeded by an OT - if you're lucky.
<Evian> NO! I'm a flaoting mod 
<Tarantulas> Thought you were a Powermaster 
<Evian> yes I am...with no admin powerrs you dolt
<Sionyx> I've seen it happen to other boards...
<Tarantulas> * thinks of the "walks like a duck" test * 
<Sionyx> Seen what happen? Topics migrate?Yup. They'll just wind up cluttering up other boards.
<Sionyx> Those from the people that don't just decide to leave.
<Tarantulas> Oh...I never noticed that before... * cries even more * 
<Tarantulas> This is too much... 
<Sionyx> Noticed what?
<Evian> you don't notce much you old sack of @%$@%#!! 
<Tarantulas> Prisma Nova's name is next to Prowl's as Moderators at the top of the Sheol pages 
<Evian> yeah...USED to be, before you F****D up 
<Sionyx> It used to be MY nam....i know.
<Evian> why are you black Si? 
<Sionyx> I'd like to know why alley seems to think that Sheol has become a anime board. 
<Sionyx> Why am I what?
<Evian> your text is black 
<Sionyx> It's blue.
<Evian> SHeol is an anime board 
<Sionyx> Someone commented on todays ep of Digimon. That makes it an anime board?
<Sionyx> And I'm posting in blue.
<Evian> whatever 
<Evian> it's comin across as black 
<Evian> don't turn this around on me..... 
<Tarantulas> Sheol was a good place to discuss things. Not everything is about Transformers 
<Sionyx> Turn what around? I'm just asking!
<Evian> whatever...I'm leaving I think...I'm sick and tired...and I'm getting a wicked case of heartburn from the stress of it all 
<Shadow Panther> Same. And to think, this chat session started off so well. 
<Sionyx> Well, I hope that you're feeling better tomorrow...
<Tarantulas> Me too 
<Sionyx> Hows the AUG repair coming, Tarantulas?
<Tarantulas> The files were corrupted somehow when the hackers interrupted their recovery. I'm not sure I can get them all back. 
<Sionyx> I was afraid of something like that...
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> people, my eyes a re f**king burning 
<Tarantulas> The recovery program is running again. I should always leave my Zonealarm running at high security. Zab, are you going to be okay? 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> yeah, i just gotta hit the sack 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> so, i'm out 
<Sionyx> Seeya, Zab. 
<Tarantulas> Okay, good night then 
<Mad Zab Xaos!!!> yell at yeh all later 
<Tarantulas> Oh yea 
<Tarantulas> h 
<Tarantulas> A couple of these files° have some reaµl problems. 
<Sionyx> Well, if BZ's still lurking *pokes BZ* he'll know the reason for the delay...
<BlackZarak> hmmm? 
<Tarantulas> Now what is h·appenin˛g with my• typ°ing? 
<BlackZarak> You're not the only one online that can haq, Tarry. 
<BlackZarak> The Cult of Zarak doesn't take nicely to electronic sabotage of its own home 
<Sionyx> Yep. And he has your website on his computer at the moment.
<Sionyx> Not that I'm defending that, but you may want to be careful.
<Tarantulas> Are yo°u threµatening m˛e, BZ? 
<Sionyx> *sighs*
<Sionyx> Howzabout we just talk about the closing of Sheol? Who's idea was that?
<Tarantulas> Loo°ks like it· was alµleycat's idea 
<Sionyx> I'd like to know what BZ thinks of it. As I don't have access to the Hive, where I'd hope this was discussed, I'm asking him here.
<BlackZarak> alleycat has authority over the Forums, just like Sorus had over the RPG, so I'll support her decisions, besides, we have to compete with the other TF sites somehow 
<Sionyx> I still think that it's a mistake.
<Sionyx> Other TF sites allow off topic discussion without a password.
<BlackZarak> It'll be opened on the weekend 
<BlackZarak> just not during the week 
<Tarantulas> Sionyx went offline. She's back now but is going to bed and won't be back in here. 
<BlackZarak> Yes, I see. 
<BlackZarak> You still there Sky? 
<BlackZarak> If Tarry didn't wipe it 
<BlackZarak> Great. Thanks for the help :) 
<BlackZarak> heh 
<Tarantulas> BZ, who are you talking to? 
<BlackZarak> skycat 
<BlackZarak> not that it's any of your business 
<Tarantulas> I see her in the list but don't see any of her typing. And hey, I was just asking. 
<BlackZarak> Just fix my Page if you wanna keep your comp 
<Tarantulas> I'm TRYING to do that, if you would stop trying to hack my computer it would go faster. 
<BlackZarak> bah 
<BlackZarak> well, I'm gone. I want my page fixed in less than 24 hrs or I'm calling the Feds 
<Tarantulas> I'm TRYING to do it. Please don't call them, I'm doing my best.