AUG involvement at Botcon

Tarantulas, 2000-12-13

Hi, folks. Here's email number one as a result of the thread "Go sign up for BotCon mooks ;)" Some people seemed interested in kicking around ideas, so here are a few to start with.

These are the email addresses I have so far. Others haven't said for sure they are going, so I didn't include them. The email addresses came from profiles or the ones people posted in the thread. If there's anyone else you know who is definitely going, let's add them to the list.

(I'm keeping this list up to date)

alleycat -
Beast Girl -
BlackZarak -
Cyrex -
DragonBot - (still has the old tripleh_game address in his AUG profile)
Dr Archeville -
Firefly -
Galvatron -
G1Ravage -
Icefang -
JhiaXus -
Prime's Spare Tire -
Prisma Nova -
Prowl -
Pun-3x -
Skids -
Skycat -
Speedwreck -
Starshooter -
Superfly -
Swoop -
Tarantulas -
Trypticon -

Now to the communications part. Have you seen those little Family Radio Service walkie-talkies? They're about the size of a pack of cigarettes, they have 14 channels and 19 "quiet codes," and they can transmit for quite a distance. Suppose that each of us had one of these radios, and they were all tuned to the same channel and privacy code, and whenever one person was away from the main group, they would turn on their radio. That way, if the group decided to go somewhere or do something, they could call the missing members and see if they wanted to participate. They come in handy outside of Botcon if you have two cars going someplace and you want to communicate between them. Prices are in the $40-$50 (US) range - compare Radio Shack's model 21-1822 at $49.99 US. This is a US-only radio system, so we should bring extras for our Australian and Canadian friends. I'll monitor those frequencies here in the Phoenix area and find one that seems unused, and one as an alternate. I propose that after we check in at the hotel, we turn on our radio and call - that way, we can get into contact with the group immediately.

Next, I wonder if we could reserve a conference room at a restaurant somewhere in the Durham area for our Friday night AUG blowout bash (or whatever it's called). Perhaps Herr Doctor could be persuaded to drive down there one weekend and scout out a nice place. We might need a deposit of some sort - I promise that we will all repay you, Professor.

Would the group like to design a nice AUG T-shirt so we would be instantly recognizable? We could get the same color shirt at many different clothing stores across the country, and maybe Prisma Nova or alleycat or someone could design an AUG logo that would look good on the shirt. They make iron-on transfers that you can run through an ink-jet printer, and we could also have each person's name on the front of the shirt. It would be a way to display our pride in the board and maybe attract some new members.

Finally, I was thinking of an AUG group project. It would be something that, when it was completed, would be the talk of Botcon attendees for the entire year afterward. "Did you see what those Axalon Underground people did?" Nothing illegal, or immoral, nothing that gets someone hurt or embarrassed or mad, just something awesome. Maybe each one of us builds a piece of some large structure (with the AUG logo on it) that we assemble at the door to the exhibit hall on Friday night. Then we will have room in our luggage for the stuff we buy. Or maybe a large banner next to the doorway, or a mural. Someone has a good answer for this.

The inspiration for the last paragraph was the following quote that I received in an email:

"One hour of life, crowded to the full with glorious action, and filled with noble risks, is worth whole years of those mean observances of paltry decorum, in which men steal through existence, like sluggish waters through a marsh, without either honor or observation."
-- Sir Walter Scott

Please feel free to use the "reply to all" feature to keep the discussion going. Also, please forward this to anyone you know is going to be at Botcon, so their email addresses can be added and they can participate in the discussion. And if you would rather not be a part of the discussion, we will remove you from the list.

Nice talking to everyone. This is going to be cool!

- Tarantulas

Superfly - 2000-12-14

Do you actually expect each one of us to buy a little walkie talkie just to use for a couple days? Luckily my friend has a couple of them, I think, so if we go with that I won't have to buy one. :) Maybe we should get a dealers booth? We could make shirts and sell, trade, and buy stuff. 

Speedwreck - 2000-12-14

Radios all fine and dandy accept for the fact that I haven't got the spare cash for it.

Also, I'll get in Friday at about 11:00, so, no party for me :(

Maybe if we did it Saturday.....

The TV shirts again have a problem.

I don't know how that works... But my printer is currently in-operable :(

I do however, like the idea of the banner or display... Maybe as an adjunct to the proposed E-Mail RPG game idea?

The booths feasable... Not much money, a good way to keep in touch.... Now.. A way to run it...

Wait... Is BZ going? Could we use a small square of HIS booth?

Have HIM watch it?

Tarantulas - 2000-12-15

Superfly said:

"Do you actually expect each one of us to buy a little walkie talkie just to
use for a couple days? Luckily my friend has a couple of them,  I think, so
if we go with that I won't have to buy one. :) Maybe we should get a dealers
booth? We could make shirts and sell, trade, and buy stuff."

These are not disposable, one-use radios. You can use them away from Botcon. They are handy. Buy one for Botcon and buy the second one whenever you can afford it. Or borrow them from your friend.

Speedwreck said:

"Radios all fine and dandy accept for the fact that I haven't got the spare cash for it."

You can't afford $35 between now and July? You must be REALLY poor!

"Also, I'll get in Friday at about 11:00, so, no party for me :("

Sounds like you made a mistake in scheduling your flight. There's still plenty of time to change those plane reservations to a more reasonable time.

"The TV shirts again have a problem. I don't know how that works... But my printer is currently in-operable :("

Don't worry about your printer. I was planning on printing all the iron-on transfers for those who don't have ink-jet printers. I aim to please!

Tarantulas - 2000-12-15

Here's a web page to help us in our discussion. Please keep the address private.

Hey, JhiaXus and Pun-3x signed on. Soon there will be an army of zombies!

Dr. Archeville - 2000-12-15


which reminds me - I've got 2 new games for us (the AUGers and/or TFE-ers) who'll be at BotCon - "Lord of the Fries" (you play a zombie fry-cook, assembling orders for customers), and "The Great Brain Robbery" (you're an Old West zombie, hijacking a trainload of government cheese and brains)!!!

JhiaXus - 2000-12-15

Aww nothing illegal , I was hoping we could plan some raid on all those
overpriced booths :)Mwa hehe

Prisma Nova - 2000-12-17

Wow! 20 people so far! I never though that we could raise an army in no time... and you guys better come, there is no turning back! :D

Ok, to more serious matters. As for the radio walkie-talkies, paying $50 for a one time use is a little too expensive. If some of you have them, it is fine. We can manage with one of 2. I have a cell, just in case we need it, and my number can be available via email the day before I leave. I think we should save our money for our toys and other stuff... besides, we can always give ourselves rendezvous at specific times and places. Last year, it was like that, not that organized, and I like the spontaneity of it.

Ok, as for renting a boardroom... again, expensive! some of us can barely afford the tickets and the room, so maybe we should stay without the boardroom. I liked the fact that we used someone elses' room for partying and meeting (last year it was at Roadbuster's and Black Zarak). If nobody wants to offer their room for those purposes, I am more than willing to have mine as a party zone (to a certain extent! ahem!) ;)

An AUG t-shirt sound like a good idea. But before we should do anything with the logo, maybe we should ask the Grand Scorpion himself... where is he anyways? I am more than willing to do something, if I have permission. I don't know how to proceed after that, to do the transfer in the t-shirt.  Someone else should do this part.

Ok, those are my opinions so far. I cannot think for anything more... except that there should be more people in that list! :) I am so excited to meet the newcomers!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Prisma Nova

Superfly - 2000-12-18

I may have to drop out. All the crap that is going on with my car is lowering the amount of money I get to keep each weekend. Usually I get 30, but now I am keeping only 10. I want to be kept on the list, but right now I can safely say that the only way I am attending botcon this year is vicariously through you guys and the implants I put in JX.

Firefly - 2000-12-18

I have a cell phone, too, and will be bringing it.  That's how people can get a hold of me at the con.  :)

Tarantulas - 2000-12-22

From what I can see, the iron-on transfer is fairly easy if you read the instructions carefully. One of the guys at work designed a logo for our department and printed it on iron-on material, and included a page of instructions about how to iron it on. Impreso makes the iron-on material. They recommend after ironing it on and peeling the transfer material, that you hand wash the garment in 1 cup of vinegar to 1 gallon of water. "This will help in setting the ink to the fabric."

Along with my Epson printer, I got a CD-ROM with Broderbund's "The Print Shop" and some other stuff, including a few iron-on transfers, Hammermill brand. They included two different types of transfers - one type you peel off while it's still hot, and the other type you peel off after it cools completely. They don't recommend washing in vinegar, but both Hammermill and Impreso recommend always washing the garment inside out.

I will do all of the printing and mail the transfers (and ironing instructions) to everyone, if we decide we're going to do this, and if no one wants to do their own printing. I will also contact BZ and alleycat and see what we can use as a logo. Actually, I'll just include them in this email. I'm thinking a large AUG logo on the back of the shirt, and the person's, oops, Bot's name on the upper left in front.

Welcome to the mailing list, alleycat and BZ. The web page with email archives is here:

Starshooter - 2001-01-02

Hey all,

Just in case any of you havn't noticed the discussuin on Vector Sigma regarding this years nametags, may I draw your attention to the situation?

3H has decided this year to only put our REAL LIFE names on the name tags. Now I know many of you probably don't care whether or not people see your real name, the point is, most of us don't know each other by our real names, and , more importantly, I know from two years past expirience at BotCon that it's loads more fun use your screen name there!

So, here is my solution - I am in the process of making labels that will fit on the name tags (3H is providing space to write in a second name) These printed labels will look alot slicker then a handwritten name. Plus, I am going to see when I get there if we can just cover up our real names with these stickers, if we so chose.

As for the tags themselves, they are going to effectivly be just like the ones we've had in previous years, they just won't be laminated. I am guessing they will have a plastic sheath though with a "string" running through it that goes around the neck.

So let me know if you want a label made! So far I have ones for:

Dr. Archeville
Prisma Nova
Icefang (and Backdraft)

I will also send a pic of what they look like to this group via e-mail as soon as I get the scanner working again.

Starshooter - 2001-01-03

OK, as promised, here are the name tag samples. The first pic is the "before" picture, and the second is with the labels I have made. Let me know what you all think!

*warning - they might be a little big....*

G1Ravage - 2001-01-02

Wow! They lok great Starshooter!
So....I guess we would have to find you when BotCon starts in order to get our labels?

Starshooter - 2001-01-02

Thanks Ravage  :) Well, this way it'll ensure we all have to get together, now doesn't it? Or at least I'LL get to meet all of you....   ;)

Tarantulas - 2001-01-02

Those look like Dymo labels. Are they removable, in case "Event Staff" needs to check someone's name?

I suspect many people will be doing the same thing as we are, since there's so much complaining about it on the Botcon board.

Starshooter - 2001-01-02

As long as the name tags are in a plastic sheath, they should be. I'm glad
you like them  :)

Speedwreck - 2001-01-03

Oh... God not that again....

I seem to remember last year's fun mess....

I found you guys late saturday, and only saw you a total of a few hours more in the next two days.....

Lol.... Guess its gonna be hectic again!

Any chance we could get a room #?

Thats SO much easier...... (Then trying to find you...) :)

Starshooter - 2001-01-03

Then that's the next step  ;)

It will be helpful when we all have an idea of what time we are arriving (and hopefully there won't be any plane dealys this year!) If we take a look at the floor plans for the hotel/converntion center, we can probably find a spot to meet when the majority of us arrive. Then, instead of paying extra money to get another room (I know I'm not going to have alot this year) perhaps someone would be willing to let their room be AUG Central?

Speedwreck - 2001-01-03

I would.... Only I'm getting in at 11:00 Friday and some how I think my Dad would NOT like that ONE bit....

Tarantulas - 2001-01-05

I guess my room could be Vok Central, I mean AUG Central. I'll be bringing my laptop computer, and probably a few CDs full of Napster music. Maybe CC Saucy Tarry X will be the Spinmaster of Tunes to accompany our enjoyment of BotCon. If no one else feels the need to step forward, you guys are welcome at my place. Mi casa su casa!

 - Tarantulas, your cordial host