Funny pictures

Aluminum foil deflector beanie

Air Force One

Angry grannies

Aviation moon

Bad day for a Navy SEAL

Barrel O' Fun

Best Picture Ever

Beware of the dog

Binary watch

Bling Bling ATV

Bling Bling bus

Canadian Forces ribbons

Car rental

Caution - wet cement

Cell phone accident

Crop circles in Washington

Cubicle fun

Domestic Driving E-thug

Donkey power

Don't touch the wires


Doughboy holocaust

Driving in Kabul

Drunken kitty

Easter is cancelled

F-22 stealth fighter

Faster downloads

FedEx-UPS crash

Fiero trike

Future of military funding


Guy/girl shopping map

Hands free phone

Her mouse / his mouse

How a smartaleck parks

How blondes print Word documents

Hunting Santa Claus

I'm with stupid

Lifetime moments from Bell Telephone

Male brain diagram

Moose meets kitty

No one is above suspicion

PETA bears

Redneck camper

Redneck deer stand

Redneck wind chimes

Ronald McDonald caught

Ronald McDonald hanged

Safety problems


Smart dog

Tali wars

Tandy 5000 advertisement


Terrorist catch and release program

Texas anti-terrorist training camp

Turkey bikini

Was His

What Scotsmen really wear under those kilts

What women want

Why men shouldn't babysit

Will code HTML

Woman's license plate

Your computer is a bomb